A Poem: Healing

We do not get over anything,
move on, let go.

We absorb things,
like the earth does the rain and snow.

Do we believe when spring thaws come
that the earth has forsaken winter.

Or was winter rather the preparation
for summer’s flush,

the blooming, which takes the rain
to cause new growth.

No, letting go of anything
is a myth,

that we can all open a thousand garden gates
and see what’s behind them.

Yet, with time, we might discover
seedlings we had never dreamed.

Seasons bring their many mysteries,
and how we find our healing is one.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
September 2019

6 thoughts on “A Poem: Healing

  1. On Ana, this is just beautiful and so full of wisdom. Like you allude to, I’m not sure we can indeed always “let go,” but rather we can choose to learn how to blend our old shapes within our new. I’m certain that it can be our sharing some of the scars of our stories which encourage others to keep moving forward, even if we say nothing, by us doing so others can start to the perhaps I can move forward as well. God bless you.


    1. Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt honest comment, I am sorry that I haven’t checked into the website lately. Thank you for sharing and bless you in your blending the old shapes in with the new. As you say the scars tell and story and stories are how we know we belong to each other.


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