A Poem: The Weight of Water

Its how we live,
like poetry.

We start with a word,
maybe two,

but not too many
that the flow is restricted.

And then we follow,
the constant thread,

as a river looks
for the lowest point,

or as blossoms open
under a warming sun.

There is nothing
that looks too much like force.

Have you ever picked the rose

and hoped it might
come to bloom in the vase.

No, there is nothing about
trying too hard.

it’s like free fall.

Like trusting in wings
we cannot see,

making the undefinable

There is someone
speaking in our ear in tongues.

We listen though
we mightn’t understand.

Its almost as though that part
is of the least import.

It’s the child in us
that possesses the Kingdom.

And instead
of rising in knowledge,

we rest upon
the weight of water,

carving out its path
to the sea.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
November 2019

‘Sometimes you open your mouth and you don’t know
what you are going to say, and whatever comes out
is the starting point. If that happens and you are lucky,
it can usually be turned into a song.
This song is a prayer and personal statement between me,
the Lord, and whoever likes it.’

~ George Harrison

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