A Poem: Dumb

While the earth is still breathing
I will listen to her heart beat.
She has things to share in the wind’s breath.

And while the sun turns,
I will pivot like the plants
towards her face.

Yes, I am aware I say too much.

But don’t we each create a life
from which we preach
in pulpits of our making.

And then step outside,
struck dumb by the eloquence
of a language without speech.

We hear the birds in the trees,
their songs clear and succinct,
in praise and thanks.

We sit in a short few inches,
and the grass moves with life
that we jump to our feet.

Yes, in all of our advancements
we find ourselves surpassed
yet again

by the creatures living in balance
with the earth.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
December 2019

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