A Poem: Crossing Over

How do we cross into the year,
with peace our compass and courage our hiking stick?

I’ve heard suggested
that we set our minds on heaven –
and yes, the mountaineer has a goal
though shrouded yet in mist.

But where in looking forward
do we find the present?
Where might we spread ourselves
as a space wholly encompassed?

My friend speaks of the eternal things
that some of us confuse with heaven.
When life is hard
we have the salve of imagination,

that we might see through the glass
a brighter day – called faith –
somewhat like a hunter
searches for game.

But my friend speaks
of an eternal present.
Like a heaven placed gently
in the hand.

I think it is only with this
I can attempt any movement.
The year, too big a thing
on its own.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
New Years Eve 2019

‘Set your mind on things eternal, the way of peace…’
Helen Nelson

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