A Poem: Feeling

We have been given a body
in which to experience space,
proximity, life in all its intimacy,
and solitude.

The mind, the heart, the spirit,
each are earthed, grounded
by the being that feels first
by flesh –

via skin, that sensitive covering,
though which all sensations move,
and affection is given,

The self is nothing whole,
without the body to absorb
and express the fullness of its gift,
skin encased.

Yes, why would God make love
a thing to find and penetrate,
to bypass its concealment
in the flesh.

Whereas perhaps love is a river flowing,
springing from the inside,
to fill each nerve cell
at its end.

That at each touch
we come again alive
and find the holy
in the every-day existence.

The space in which we move,
feel the sun and air,
the kiss of lips on skin,
the solidity of flesh pressed against our own.

The embrace of friends and kin,
and even in our own singular being
enfolded in
tight as the Lotus floating

on a river warm and running.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
March 2020



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