A Poem: Pilgrimage

It’s given to me –
all the seeds of possibility.

My way, though it may appear steep,

I see each rock as though placed,
given its reason.

And each valley,
with its climb to the top,

a route giving way
to a view –

of mountains steep,
rock scree,

shrub and bush –
a glimpse of sea.

Everything, a path through,
a way higher to heaven.

It’s given to us –
all the means for travel.

The seeds to carry,
drop, keep,

the ways to make an Eden
from a wilderness.

And each barrier
a passage around, above –

a shelter under which to rest.

Each burden
a chance to loosen our packs,

find again our rhythm,
our strength,

our balance in the shedding
and keeping.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
June 2020

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