A Poem: Waiting

There’s much talk about finding heaven here,
and then again we know this as a waiting room.

Sometimes I feel like a bride
trying on her wedding clothes,

what else but anticipation is felt in the spring sunshine,
under the apple blossoms.

Other times, I fight to be worthy of myself,
and waiting seems a long walk.

And heaven less of an expectation
than a nostalgic reminiscence.

As though we come with half a heart,
to spend our lives seeking connections.

But I rein in such thoughts,
for what gift is this

that stares me in the face,
in a pre-taste of the banquet.

If this is wooing, then I am already undone,
deep in love –

so many signals from the bridegroom.

Not least our earthly passions
and blessings,

and an earth that brings our jaws
to the ground.

There is fulfilment and awe here,
but in such brief concentrated bursts

that it’s as though, the more we have
the more we’re left wanting.

Too soon the sun sets behind the pines,
the wind cools,

we are left reminded of the four walls
of this waiting house.

That today I sit here in my imagination,
smoothing down white satin folds,

this apple blossom confetti,
birdsong like wedding bells.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
October 2020

‘This is the mystery,
that Christ has chosen you and me
to be the revelation of His glory;
a chosen, royal, holy people,
set apart and loved.

A bride preparing for her King.
Let the bride say, ‘Come!’,
let the bride say, ‘Come!’,
let the bride of the Lamb say,
‘Come Lord Jesus!’
Let the bride say, ‘Come!’,
let the bride say, ‘Come!’,
let the bride of the Lamb say,
‘Come Lord Jesus, come!’

She’s crowned in splendour
and a royal diadem;
the King is enthralled by her beauty.
Adorned in righteousness,
arrayed in glorious light,
the bride in waiting for her King…’

~ Phil Lawson Johnston and Chris Bowater
1992 Sovereign Lifestyle Music
From Complete Mission Praise, Songs & Hymns

4 thoughts on “A Poem: Waiting

  1. This is such a true comfort…Jesus is our bridegroom and as you have so clearly described we are smoothing our satin. Your poems are always beautiful…they are compositions that nurture pleasant thoughts. How we need them in days that are dark in many ways.


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