A Poem: A Forest

Whatever you might believe life is forever.
You were made a leaf on a living tree
in a forest to eternity.

Though a day’s length might be determined
by the rounding of the sun,
a season by the passage from growth to decline,

and the elements beyond your influence.

The fact that you are more than a first flush,
or even a last golden hand, is something
the body understands, the soul intuits.

Does the singing bird that builds its nest
and nurture its young
trust also in the branch, the sturdy tree?

So you might know yourself as more than leaf
that takes its cue to part the stage
upon a falling curtain.

We are all more than the substance
of which we’re comprised
at a singular point in time.

We are that too,
to which we’re attached,
to which we return to as living matter,

the mulch that breaks down to soil to feed the roots,
this forest in which the singing birds are ever
lifting their dawn chorus.

Ever migrating to, from,
in a great circling formation.
In this pattern of life, death, renewal.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
November 2020

10 thoughts on “A Poem: A Forest

      1. Thank you so much ehoa it’s great to meet you and I’m so glad that you enjoyed these beautiful poems from Haare Williams, that whole book is a treasure from start to finish, it’s great to read just before bed.


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