A Poem: Sight

Acceptance sometimes goes against the grain.
When people think you should fight, push through a thing,
then acceptance can look somewhat like giving in.

But acceptance can be active in its stance,
a choice in a sense for equanimity.
Someone once said the truth cannot hurt,
which means peace is a form of grace we turn inwards.

A brave kind of walk when even walking is hard.
A kind way of looking at ourselves in the world.
So that tolerance grows the more we assume
our own responsibility for our own mix of burdens.

Yes, acceptance is often the very first thing,
that pre-empts any change or chance for improvement.
Who can ever get up on crutches for support
without accepting first they’re needed.

And who can choose to love through struggle
without knowing best where to focus their efforts.
Yes, acceptance is a brave choice for sight
when it’s often easier to close our eyes.

And truth becomes a thing clothed in hope,
as the sun shines in to illuminate a room.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
December 2021

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