A Poem: Trust

Everything is possible
for God –

for whom the sun rises
on a trajectory that no one can stop her,
nothing divert her.

Therefore we are assured
of everything possible.

That our growth, like that of the trees,
is as natural and ordained as
everything else here
at this present point in history.

That ‘now’ is our time.

That ‘now’ is a never-ending now
while we breathe
and while we wake and sleep –
that like the sun we can never be diverted off course.

Our growth, that of the grass
that is cut and regrows,
or the hedge pruned,
the plants pulled out, returned to compost.

Our growth,
at times head high
in the sun and the wind,
at times on the ground
breaking down,

is all part of the great
order of things.
So never fear, as the impossible
is that you cease,

and how can you cease
while the sun is rising,
smiling with her full face upon your new day.

Saying, ‘See me –

Now trust.’

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
February 2021

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