A Poem: Candles

We each have our shields.
Mine are words linked together.

There is a way that each of us
keeps the faith,
even if a little candle burning,

left out on a windowsill.
Its light,
its message speaking volumes.

To counter darkness
take what you have close to heart.

You need not call them weapons.
After all shoes of peace sounds benign
and yet assures us of a vehicle into tomorrow.

And the sword of the spirit –
perhaps our very peaceful presence requires a faithful protector.

Yes, I shall sit here dreaming words together
earnestly on the page,
and appeal to you not to fear.

The helmet of your salvation so strongly adhered
that no one of this earth can topple it.

Yes, there is a way that each of us keeps the faith,
keeps love burning

as little candles on windowsills,
lighting our many nations.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
January 2021

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