A Poem: Orchid Speak

I asked the orchid to speak to me of purity.
And from her high place
with her white puffed cheeks
and yellow stamen tongue, she said how
it is love that makes us pure,

Not trying with all our might
but settling roots into the ground,
and from there feeling the momentum to grow.
Height being reached and sustained
when our feet are buried deep
and the light both a life-line and a guide.

Yes, I asked the orchid with her swaying blooms
and her straight green upright stems
to speak to me of light.
And with her silent speech and
open silky mouth,
she spoke of how we each become
that which we contemplate.

Like deep calls out to deep
and light indwells the light,
and white reflects all the colours
in the spectrum.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
July 2021

Photo by Jessica Knowlden on Unsplash

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