A Poem: Angels

We are angels to each other My needs met in you and yours in me. At the very least we keep each other afloat At peace and on an even keel Company in other’s solitude Fellow travellers of this pilgrim’s road. At best, though I suspect God might mean us to reflect each other’s light … More A Poem: Angels

A Poem: Dark

What do you want me to do with this morning God? That shines through the blinds that shines through my shuttered heart What do I do with a sun that still rises? On us, whose joy wavers as a candle in the wind, on those, whose joy has for a moment, been snuffed out. What … More A Poem: Dark

A Poem: Perfect

Don’t wait for the perfect. Life is here right now. Shadows and light, the losses and the gains make a rich fabric of our days. Depth discerned by a light in the dark, that we hold like a lantern and pick our way. The shadows across the river’s face give a hue I would never … More A Poem: Perfect