A Poem: Angels

We are angels
to each other

My needs met in you
and yours in me.

At the very least
we keep each other afloat

At peace
and on an even keel

Company in
other’s solitude

Fellow travellers
of this pilgrim’s road.

At best, though
I suspect God might mean

us to reflect
each other’s light

magnifying glasses
of the kind that highlight the good

that we might shed the shame
carried as a weight

on our shoulders
for far too long

and rise still
to greater and greater heights.

We are angels
to each other

my uplift is your gain
the wind beneath my wings

the impetus
for your forward momentum.

And the view of you
against the backdrop of heaven

is the inspiration for my own

and my journeying onwards
into the wide and beckoning sky.

Ana Lisa de Jong
October 2017

Image:  Pinterest (source unknown)

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