A Poem: Connected

We are connected.
The spider’s web
that bridges a gap,
and reaches into space
from one branch to another,
its silken length
the means it travels,
teaches us,

that storms,
whether from Nature’s storehouse
or human-made,
cannot bear up against
one hand that reaches out to another,
or hearts across an ocean’s span,
which bow and lift
in prayer.

As the spider lays
its wondrous web
to show us,
that not all we think we see is real,
sometimes the light reveals
a net wider and stronger
than what we first might have believed,
and placed in our faith.

And this net,
that bridges the gaps
between what we see
and what we don’t,
what we live and what awaits,
what we hope for and what we fear;
this bridge, stronger than it looks,

And if it does not,
the spider, that has curled
and waited out the storm,
steps out again in faith
when light returns,
making links into space
to rebuild
its intricate world.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living tree Poetry
September 2018

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