A Poetry Book: Heart Psalms

Hi Poetry friends

Today I am not posting poetry but would like to humbly advise of the publication of my newest book, ‘Heart Psalms’.  

This is now available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.  Just listed, so it is making its way out there to various on-line sellers.

Heart Psalms is a large 230 page volume of poetry spanning the last year or two of my writings.  It is one of two books (one yet to be published) compiling my latest poetry, along with beautiful scenic photos of New Zealand in a lovely soft or hard cover volume.

You may have guessed I am not so good at marketing my work.  Rather I see each individual poem as a ray of light, or a food that goes out on the waters to find that for whom it was meant.  That is why I would rather write poetry than talk about the poetry I write!!

Saying that, the process of putting a book together feels as holy and momentous to me as writing a poem so much love goes into its creation!

However numbers don’t matter to me, as much as an engagement with a reader for whom a particular poem has touched.  But so you have the opportunity to engage with my book if you so wish, I am letting you know.

Bless you and may you have a special Christmas, finding and unwrapping the gifts that Christmas bestows upon us.  Not always gilt covered shiny packages, sometimes those things which we didn’t expect, or come wrapped differently to how we hoped.

Until next time, much gratitude for reading this, and my posts throughout the year.  May 2019 bring you the desires and prayers of your hearts.

Ana Lisa

Links to the books, and some reviews below:


Barnes and Noble

Author Page, Amazon


“An open hand, though its treasures run out through its fingers, contains everything,” writes Ana Lisa de Jong in her poem “Ah.” I want to hold her new book, “Heart Psalms” in my open hand and make sure that the poems run out, because I can think of six friends who need this one, several who need “Perfect” to shake them awake, one who needs the last two verses of “Not Heavy,” and a world that needs to hear “Te Whare Tapa Wha,’ to care for the health of all, the honor of ourselves.

This is a book for give-away, for sharing with others. And it is also a book that is generous to my own many moods and spirits. I can come to it in all the seasons of a “Circling Life,” and find a deep and gentle honesty there.
Maren C. Tirabassi, is the author of twenty books, most recently A Child Laughs: Prayers of Justice and Hope (Pilgrim Press, 2017), a United Church of Christ pastor and a writing teacher and workshop facilitator.

Ana Lisa de Jong’s poetry gives beautiful and prayerful expression to the language of our hearts. Weaving a story of our humanity that is both universal and personal, she honours the wisdom of our inheritance, yet sings of the living of our life in these times. She accompanies us in all the stages and seasons of life and we feel that we are not alone. Her book is a precious and graceful gift.
The Rev. Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith, Priest – Spirituality, Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat Centre, Auckland       

 I have wondered what it is about the poetry of Ana Lisa de Jong that so deeply stirs my soul.
It is her heart connection with her readers as she observes the spiritual landscape with penetrating eyes. Her seasoned writing is grounded on a rock of reality where illusion falls away.
We are given a tapestry of beautifully chosen words which sing their hallelujahs and carry us to the Light.
A tread of grace weaves its way through her writings including her new book of poetry which I heartily commend as deeply enriching and well worth a quiet time of prayerful reflection.
Jeff Blake, fellow author, and traveler on Grace Street

There have been a number of times in my life when I have been given exactly what I needed. There have also been times in my life when angels have been introduced into my life and the world has given me a glimpse of what God desires for me and for all of creation.  In Ana Lisa de Jong and her gift of speaking truth to the human experience, I am blessed to receive and to see.
Jim Harrison, Pastor, All Saints Episcopal Church, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA 


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