A Poem: Go

I’m waiting for a word, like ‘Go’.
And realise,
‘Go’ has already been said.

‘Go’ has been said,
since the earth rounded the sun
the first time.

And the earth has kept up momentum
no matter
she might not know the goal.

‘God’ has been said
since the heart first commenced
its beating.

Imagine this new organ still,
until the first pump of blood.
And what impetus causes it to do what it’s meant.

Oh, ‘Go’ has been said,
that we don’t need to hear its message clear
again and again.

Indeed any act that moves us
forwards, upwards, and out,
is good.

For what has not yet been said,
is ‘Stop’.
‘Rest’ yes, like the animals and the seasons.

But while the earth moves,
we can do so too,
no permission needed.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
January 2019

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