A Poem: Re-imagining

I wonder, is God a God of rules,
and rituals,

and certain ways of doing things?

There is place for tradition,
and practices that give symbolism,

and meaning
to what is important.

But I think that God,
who is Being,

calls us to respond in the same vein.


we come at the prompting of the Spirit
in our understanding of the Word.

And in our need,
and in our gratitude

and we lay down all semblance of

and we lay down
in the dust,

all our motivations,
our desire for attention

or affirmation for doing things
correct, or well.

And we open our hearts,
which always starts

with forgetting what
we have learned,

and learning to listen
to something new.

God is always in the creation

always about surprising
and arriving in some

new and different

That might mean throwing
off tradition

and appearances
to the winds

and following his
sandaled feet

and the footprints
left in his wake

where-ever they lead.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
March 2019

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