A Poem: The Body

It is said
that we cannot move,
or breathe
without some wind
stirring a star somewhere.

I think that must be
how prayer works.
That in the moment
that I conjure you up,
your help is on its way.

Perhaps abit like Chinese whispers,
a bird might tell an angel,
whose wings then brush a star,
that the star might give a little nudge
to God.

Yes, that might work
if we think of God as
somewhere on a cloud.
Which of course he is,
just as angels are up there brushing wings.

But God, who is within and out
has also set up house,
within the heart,
and the Body
of His Church.

And this Body that moves
is a little like an ocean
propelled by the moon’s
It is sensitive to everything.

So that the pain you feel
is like a prod to my heart,
and a cause for prayer
God’s already heard
in the ears attached to us both.

Yes, something like the
concept of the wind
and the star,
and the breath that breathes
through the both of us.

So comforting to know
that this God within
and without,
makes both His body in us
and the world.

And so you are part of me
as we are a part of God,
and everything that has
atoms even,
or breath.

And prayer –
while prayer becomes something
not so hard to understand
when we conceive of
the myriad of threads.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
March 2018

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