A Poem: Blooms upon the Sidewalk

I am aware
of pain,
and poverty immeasurable.

I know
there are enough tears
to float a million ships.

Enough need to
turn our prayers
to silence.

I am aware of the ‘O’
my lips make
when faced with truth.

The way my hands wring,
and want to unburden themselves
of possession.

Alleviate this guilt,
the heavy heart
of the blessed rich.

But am I better
for what I give up?

But each of us I think
is given something greater
to give,

of more worth
than we can achieve
by denial.

Which is why I am aware
of pain
and poverty immeasurable.

The tears
that bear a million
ships upright.

The ‘O’ that causes my
heart to break in two

and pour out flowers
to float
on the waterways.

What is guilt alleviated,
compared to love
and joy unmasked.

The pain of this world
asks for our response,
and for some of us

its to bring an antidote.
Beauty to ease
the weary heart.

To impart hope
where thought of hope
was lost.

As blooms
upon the sidewalk,
pointing to the sky.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
April 2019

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