A Poem: Ahurewa (Sacred Place)

I can see the sun from here,
and the moon, ripe and full.

I know that you can too,
see the moon, and map the stars.

Perhaps better than I.
Our view depending on perspective.

The Maori name for moon is Marama,
and the sun is Ra.

I know that there are many more
names beyond my knowing.

I can perceive God from here,
like the new dawn breaking.

Colours and hues that fill my sight,
unique to me, and where I sit.

I know that you can too,
see the light,

the moon, and all the stars
that pour forth from the sky.

And whatever your names,
whose to know that mine are more right.

I don’t,
and I would not want to claim to say

that my piece of sky, and God
is all there is.

I know the moon which hangs
shines here for us both,

and its enough that we live within,
and behold the same,

in this universe
with many names.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
March 2019

‘If you do not raise your eyes
you will think that you are the highest point.’
~ Antonio Porchia

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