A Poem: To the Sun

I am going to where I can see the sun

and round and set.

To where the grass lays itself out
long and wide,

stretches to rest
in the lee of hills.

And rises to the roots of trees,
whose crowns in the sun’s passing gaze

turn golden at their edge.

I am going to where the dew

wet on the length of branches
catches the dawn,

and glistens like a body
warm from love.

To where the world for a day,

is lit up like a prize made
just for God.

And from which we might take a measure
for ourselves.

I am going home

to where the world’s turning years

To where the child in me
takes a hop, and a step across hills

from my youthful self
to here.

To where I will give the years to God,
and watch hurts dissolve as sun in mist.

And see joys lengthen out like fields,
growing as grass

new in Spring.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
April 2019

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