A Poem: Back

You took me back.

with your love.

Back until there was no space
between us.

Back, back
a thousand million years,

and counting.

falling in time,

in my ears,

from the cross,
to the garden.

To a garden
where we walk

like the world is new
and fresh,

untainted yet
by the things

to bring me shame.

And our love
is full of promise,

like a new earth on
the cusp,

and eternity
just beginning.

Only you can take me

The broken
made whole.

far removed,

as sins crossed out
in the sand.

And the garden,

the garden
where we walk,

restored as though
darkness never were.

This cross the eraser of all
to separate us.

You take me back.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
March 2019

‘And your love knows no height or depth,
and knows no length or width.’

From ‘Strength’

by Jonathon and Melissa Hesler

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