A Poem: Questions

Why the hurry,
and the angst?
The questions making tracks
to circle upon themselves.

What is not complete,
answered, clarified,
will in a flash too quick for thought
be understood.

The pieces that now exist
separate in pockets and drawers
with ill-fitting edges,
that they have no partners,

will find their place
without our help,
that the map will have no
dark place yet undiscovered.

The things we reach for now
into the abyss,
and keep the remembrance in our heart
will one day emerge into profile.

And while we wait,
we remember how,
we are already found,
right here where we’re meant to live.

Dreaming has its place,
and longing points to spaces
we’re to fill
with the things we can reach out and touch.

To love what’s given us,
knowing God has a way of wrapping safe
contents not intact,
that we can trust what exists yet incomplete.

And perhaps, in the day of restoration
and revelation,
we might see what mattered most
in the shedding of light upon truth.

That those things of real import
were the matters in our hands taking shape,
that in that day
we might be another’s puzzle complete.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
April 2019


2 thoughts on “A Poem: Questions

  1. Hello I love your beautiful poetry especially this one and the lines – we remember how, we are already found, right here- have you read the Mirror word Bible Translation- it emphasises our belonging in God and discovering that we have always belonged to God. Thank you for your inspiring and heart warming blog- Deborah Garrott in Queensland.


    1. Hi Deborah, sorry I missed this. I have not read the Mirror Word Bible, thanks for pointing it out to me. I am so pleased this poem spoke to you. May you always find yourself in The Presence right where you are. Bless you.


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