A Poem: Constancy

Sometimes we need the quiet
constant things.

Like water that flows,
ripples over pebbles,
in eddies and currents of a stream.

Sometimes it’s the certain things,
the sure and solid things,
like rock.

Or it’s the translucent things,
the clear fluidity of water
running over stone.

Sometimes we need the message,

unspoken but clear,
in the way water turns,
and circles, and twists,

is so busy running,
but somehow exudes calm,
and strength.

Perhaps it’s the rhythm,
the constancy of movement,
the way it mimics dance,

that causes our hearts to slow
in response.

Perhaps it’s the clarity that,
despite the surface turmoil,
we can see right through to underneath,

where all is still
and undergirded.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
November 2019

‘There is a right time for everything… a time to grieve, a time to dance, a time for scattering stones, a time for gathering stones.’
Ecclesiastes 3

12 thoughts on “A Poem: Constancy

  1. I love your words and your thoughts and the way you combine them together not only for beauty but also for impact. I am often comforted but equally provoked in my thinking by what you write. Thank you!

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  2. Ana Lisa, your words have the soul calming invitation and cool refreshing effects of “the clear fluidity of water
    running over stone” as they ripple in our hearts. Thank you for this beautiful imagery which sings like a lyrical lullaby in our souls. I so admire your gift, dear poetic friend! 😊💜

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