A Poem: Fixing

Today I hear not to fix so much as trust.
When have I ever attempted to fix a thing
that has not tried to wrest itself from grasp.

The things that are mine to touch,
they’ve already formed themselves into good
without persuasion.

Yes, sometimes it is better to defer an opinion.

Today I heard that on the day
we’re bestowed the honour of another
heart’s sharing, we’re to listen.

Tomorrow is for the fixing,
the bringing into the light and examining,
in which we might not ever play a part.

But the listening,
the receiving, the trusting,
that is our holy loving duty,

that in truth might have more part
in the healing and renewing,
in the restoring of the broken things,

than we might have ever thought.

For who has not seen another lift their head
in the face of love,
and seen the quickening of an answer in their eyes.

Yes, today I hear not to fix so much as trust.
What relief to know the way
things birth themselves.

And what a relief to trust another
as I trust myself,
and the slow momentum of growth

as a certitude.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
November 2019

‘For us there is only the trying.
The rest is not our business.’
T. S Elliot

2 thoughts on “A Poem: Fixing

  1. Our is not to fix so much as trust…I recently heard a sermon where the speaker challenged us that when we don’t understand another’s lament we need to lean on and listen more deeply. As someone who is presently finding it hard when people try to fix what according to my doctor is not for fixing and so I need instead to live within my present reality, I am very thankful for those who don’t try to fix me but rather leaning in to listen more deeply to my lament trust I really am doing the best I can. Of course on a spiritual level our challenge is always to allow God to fix, or not, what we doing understand and to trust Him completely. God bless you heart and mind Ana as you share your drops of “word,” medicine with others.


    1. I meant to come back to you to say your words truly spoke to me, I’m sorry for the delay. You are so right and true, and I send you my deepest blessings for your wholeness and peace in the midst of your circumstances. Thank you!


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