A Poem: Praying

The heart is always praying,
and we,
as we might telephone a loved one we’ve not seen,
are to take a moment
to check in.

To take the pulse,
to register the key in which
our heart is speaking;
to remember
how prayer,

although it might be a discipline,
is also something within.
The centre of the meeting house,
the unseen, as the air in a room
a structure surrounds.

Yes, the heart has its
constant murmurings,
a wireless connection,
a tethering itself to home.
And might we, at times

that we voice the thoughts
our heart is always speaking,
find the themes our lives
are following,
and the ways God is responding,

to the tears, the casting off of burdens,
to the offerings we’ve put
forth, like water lilies,
or candles alight on the sea.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
November 2019

‘Sit in stillness and listen to what your heart prays.’
Ruth Jewell

5 thoughts on “A Poem: Praying

      1. Bless you, Ana Lisa, I’m grateful for your thoughts. These are worrying and uncertain times for all of us. My season of increasing sickness, weakness and incapacity pales in comparison with the health challenges many are facing. May you stay strong, able and creative as you bring hope and joy to others through your lovely poetic words. xo 💜


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