A Poem: Grace II

Everyone dreams of a love
that comes to find them.
Pursues them down.
Pries the heart, and carefully undoes them.

Everyone is human,
and love a precursor to our sanctifying.
While we dream of gentle saviours,
love is an instrument bent on mining,

and hollowing out the heart to
greater depths, that instead
of sudden comings, our saviour
is a seed sown.

And while we seek a healer,
or rider on the horizon,
God plants himself as
a diamond laid down in the rough.

Yes, everyone dreams of a love
that arrives for us,
with intimate knowledge that
we need no pretence or argument.

But in the ways we receive,
and fail to give grace,
love is doing its silent growing
inside of us.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
February 2020

8 thoughts on “A Poem: Grace II

  1. Oh this is lovely! Beautiful imagery and deep spiritual truth wrapped up in gently flowing poetry. You make it look so simple, Ana Lisa, as you share your honed insights with us with graceful effectiveness. Thank you! xo 😊💜

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