A Poem: The Count of Three

There is reassurance in the count of three.

One is a single entity, somehow vulnerable,
though it may be all powerful.

Two is a bookend on both sides,
we can stand with some stability.

But three,

three is a triple stranded rope,
a triangle with three planes,

and a centre space.

A place to live encircled,
rounded by three lengths of arms.

And a presence holding guard at each corner,
the same in essence to the other.

Yes, there is something of reassurance
in three as a number.

When we talk of friends,
we can depend on one more than another,

but when we think of the trinity we recall
a triangle is equal,

no extra weight
or length on any side.

Yes, there is something reassuring about
a God in three measures.

There will always be someone
at our back,

and someone to stand at our side
to take our hand.

And someone too, to smile from the front,
right in and through,

and round again.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
February 2020

4 thoughts on “A Poem: The Count of Three

  1. Dear Lisa… There will come a time, I sense, that this poem will connect to an image from the Grünewald Guild’s Celtic triple spiral labyrinth. I’m thanking you for the now of these words and for that time in the future.

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