A Poem: If Poems were Pearls

If poems were pearls
I would string them for you
one by one.

And each one, rounded circle,
would tell a story
of its own,
though to others it is linked.

And if poems were pearls,
I would remind you of the dignity
redeemed each time
we re-write history,

or harness vision,
or imagination.

And if poems were seeds
I would plant them
on my knees for you.

And each one, singular sphere,
would burrow down in quiet stillness,
until the moment it’s made to grow
beyond its shell.

And if poems were seeds,
I would remind you how broken things
are really vessels
out-grown the season of hiding,

that from them we emerge,
blueprints to fulfil.
Yes, if poems were pictures
I would spend a hundred hours

to make one worthy of your
one that would hold up a mirror
reflective of you.

And if poems were pictures
I would try to paint
the way people shine brightest from

the way a poet see’s the world
from inside out.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
February 2020

10 thoughts on “A Poem: If Poems were Pearls

  1. Your poems are all these things and so much more besides. So beautifully expressed. Thank you for these lovely words, Ana Lisa! I so appreciate the poetic gifting you have, especially in this season when I’m struggling to string words together myself. You give me hope that poetry will come alive in my soul again as I read the words of others. Bless you, dear friend. xo


    1. Dear Joy, I am sorry you are feeling a sense of dryness in this season. I think sometimes are words are just beyond the surface of a hard crust. Or perhaps a frost covering that needs to melt for the sun to warm the grass. One thing is sure that you will find the words again xx


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