A Poem: Beauty II

Ah, beauty is beckoning to us.

And for all her glorious tresses,
her unguarded open face,
her generous voluptuous gift,
beauty is shy and retiring,
un-eager to draw a crowd,
more often sneaking up unawares
with something singularly unique.

So that when we partake of her gift,
beauty is surprisingly intimate,
personally present
in a way that speaks of her
being prepared,
seeking our acquiescence,
bidding our attentiveness.

Yes, there is something about
the undressed face
of a beauty unadorned
that returns us to childhood complete,
to innocence again without question
or doubt –
as infants expectant of grace.

It’s as though she wordless states,
‘You think the world has turned,
but I am full circle,
come about,
find me where you began.’

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
March 2020

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