A Poem: Together II

My light,
from my small candle’s rays,
sought yours,
found the edge,
the limit where your lit flame could reach,
and like a hand held
to make a stronger link,
our lights met
and magnified,
grew in strength.

My faith,
to the extent of my trust
and track record of hope
expressed and met,
wavers like a candle on a sill,
but your voice,
your hope rising,
like a river singing, signalling,
borders mine
to run beside.

And my prayer,
often quiet, to a whisper or a plea,
met with silence echoing
of Christ in the storm
meets your prayer
as a hand clasped tight
upon the bulwark of a boat,
to balance us each
till Christ awakes.

And my love,
as the undercurrents of a sea,
the blue of which deceives
as to the turmoil beneath,
meets the entirety of you,
a body of weight
to draw mine in,
a current running deep
circling the world,
in which we each merge,
one strength combined.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
March 2020

4 thoughts on “A Poem: Together II

  1. A beautiful depiction of the wonderful strengthening power of caring, sharing and supporting one another in love. Because we are truly stronger together, with our differing abilities and weaknesses, especially as the Body of Christ on earth. For where one is weak or falls, another can support and help pick them up. Thank you, Ana Lisa! Blessings and hugs. xo 😊💜


  2. I read this through the lens of where I am — living fearful in the midst of the national elections in the US. The need to connect with one another is so very important and sustaining.


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