A Poem: The Heavens

I wonder if we
could draw back
as far as the stars,

I wonder if we
might see our lives
like sand grains in the hand,

the particles of which,
a beach is made,
a shoreline built.

I wonder if we could
retreat back,
as specks in history,

silent shadows in drawing rooms,
witnesses to
ancestral stories,

mightn’t we grasp then,
the unravelling ribbon
as life’s continuum.

Would we,
when we have been
to the moon,

or plumbed the wider width
and depth of
history’s course,

question still,
if we are ready
to jump into the abyss.

Yes, after picking it up,
draining it of all its sweetness
and juices ripe,

the only other question
Is whether we trust enough

in the life we’ve received,
to give it up
for the larger breadth of heaven.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
March 2020

10 thoughts on “A Poem: The Heavens

  1. That’s a good dilemma to be in, Ana Lisa, because when God gives the green light to go ahead and create a new book or several, perhaps, then you will be ready with more than enough material to choose from. I’m glad you can keep pouring forth from the fountain of words God has placed in your heart. A creative feast is preferable to a famine. Long may it continue! Xo 😉💜


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