A Poem: Attention

I see so many people
counting the cost.

But beauty does not take a backward step,
a departing bow.

I think instead

if we take up a chair,
pull alongside,

beauty serves us,
washes our feet,
pours out wine,

anoints our hair
with oil.

I see so many people
measuring griefs.

But beauty does not read charts
or statistics –

just attends.

Attends to each as though
we had all the time

in the world,
all the reason for believing,
for continuing.

Sitting there smiling at us
through tears.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
April 2020

4 thoughts on “A Poem: Attention

  1. ‘The Tao is not so mysterious
    when the stomach is empty
    To follow the Great Way means
    to find something to eat’
    – Tao Te Ching

    the slow beauty of attention, is the experience of its deep infusion in the Tao

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