Bread II

We each are given bread.

Not to consume.

No, the bread we are given
is not for our own sustaining,

although we will eat too
and be satisfied.

No, the bread we each possess,
risen like a dough kneaded,

left to rise alone
in its place –

this bread is brought to life
through heat,

baked and broken,
torn to many pieces.

Its fragrance to spread
as an insurance,

as the Spirit is everywhere,

that each will be nourished,
each will be fed.

And we,
when we feel alone

we are tempted to make altars
to our own miseries,

and to hold everything close
as though our lives depended upon

the provision of our defences.

But the Bread of Life,

shows us what surrender brings.

Everything solid and breathing
has to break somehow

for the Spirit to come
and then,

as riven blessings,
uplift from us our offerings.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
January 2020

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