A Poem: Something Else

To everything there is an antidote,
and if not an antidote,
a replacement,
and if a not a replacement,
something else.

For everything lost
there is something other,
something otherwise
to place in
our rising hope.

Even if just for the moment it takes
to draw our breath,
rise up from our tears,
griefs, failings,
whatever it is that has emptied the heart out.

To open our eyes again to life.

Yes to everything there is an answer,
or if not an answer,
another question searching,
and if not a question craving a solution,
then a peace.

A peace arriving quietly.
And a silence,
a silence which is also an answer.
And an answer of such magnitude,
that we know ourselves held,


Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
June 2020

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