Poetry for All Seasons: Summer and Winter Books Released

Dear Readers

I am so pleased to let you know the first two books in my new series Poetry for all Seasons have been released.

A Garment of Praise – Words for Summer and Joy instead of Mourning – Words for Winter are now both available in either e-book format, paperback or hardcover at on-line booksellers – or you can ask for them to be ordered for you at your local bookstore.

These books read as a devotional book, but instead of a reflection the book provides you with a poem a day for each applicable season. Once all four books are released in the series, you will have a poem to reflect upon each day of the calendar year.

Included with the poetry are beautiful shots of New Zealand’s unique scenery.

See A Garment of Praise at Amazon here, and Joy Instead of Mourning here.

For Barnes and Noble, see A Garment of Praise here and Joy instead of Mourning here.

Thanks for your readership my friends. It is truly fuel for the poet’s pen to have readers to share our works with!

I have just updated the Books page on my website with further details if you are interested in having the solace and encouragement of words uplift and accompany you through the seasons.


Ana Lisa

“Ana Lisa de Jong is a poet of enrapt revelation. Her poetry, encompassed by deep devotion for creation, brims with dignity and grace for the human pilgrim. Her poems, now urgently vulnerable, now reverent, now ecstatic, are gilded with wisdom wrought by a blazing faith.”

~ Stephen Berg, poet, author of Beacons, Blues and Holy Goats

‘The exquisite poetry of Ana Lisa
leads us to seek, look and look again.’

~ Mary Harwell Sayler, poet-writer, author of Kneeling on the Promises of God and A Gathering of Poems, USA

‘Each of us have a space here, one not encroached upon,
where the sun shines and the stars rise just for us.’

‘It is given us – all the means for travel.

The seeds to carry, drop, keep.

The ways to make an Eden from an wilderness.’

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