A Poem: Beauty as Bread

We need beauty as much as bread.
Perhaps, in a sense
beauty is its own form of bread.
One we do not arrive at hungry again.

But a kind of bread that sustains.
Nourishes, that the smallest morsel
can shine as a jewel against the dark,
can make all our days.

What is a room with shutters closed,
compared to an open arched
window framed, revealing how
the humblest view can widen our vision.

And what is beauty but
a singular type of promise,
potential distilled to its most basic,
invigorating essence.

A kind of boundless optimism.
Beauty, just because.
Because in a seed, in an ear of wheat,
is all its grain.

No wonder we are filled.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
August 2020

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