A Poem: Circling

Can we circle in?

When we are spiralling out
so much so that we lose our balance,

how do we draw in again
to the still firm central place?

Sometimes there are questions yet
for which we think the answer’s found circling out

in the vastness of space,
a wide blue canvas.

While each star shining looks
alike to another,

and we can we feel as small as specks
floating upon a foreign landscape.

Can we then circle in,

slowing, slowing,
smaller, smaller,

that we might feel the universe decrease
to match the pace of our attentive steps.

Might we take Nature’s queue
and return again to the central circle,

the growing place, the quiet seed,
within which lives the universe’s blueprint.

Everything we ever accomplished,
everything we ever imagined

formed in that sacred hidden place
to which, when we return, we are received,

known, and all questions shed,
the answers here, all along.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
August 2020

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