A Poem: Symphony

Can you hear the symphony?

The sun has rounded the earth,
turned her warm breath,
chased away the dark.

Spread her hands
and lit each dew soaked length of grass,
each leaf,
each flower opening to her face.

And the cacophony
to welcome her,
it’s as though the world has just tuned in.

Each bird’s song signalling its existence,
its dependence on a wakening world.

And the hum of bee, the cyclist’s wheels,
the neighbourhood dogs, even the handyman
striking his hammer,

in God’s world finds a home.

No-one is left out,
left without something
to sing, to add.

The mother passing,
the child in her pram,
they too revelling in a sun arrived.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
August 2020

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