A Poem: Knowing God

Ah, so you don’t think you know God?
God is grace, more than anything else.
And grace is everywhere.

God has her earth
and her sky, and in between spreads
herself out.

You walk upon her,
and she is the very atmosphere,
the air you breathe: 

the utmost edge,
the highest.

And she is the softness of snow,
or more like the quilt that you bring up
to your chin when you fall into sleep.

And the mother’s voice you still hear,
long past, her melodies, her scent,
her soft hand against your cheek.

And she is your tears
in each water molecule,
and every particle of life,

and in your smile,
the way it stretches out,
or stays quietly closed,

as you stand still perceiving

how God has her earth,
and her sky,
and in between lives everywhere.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
October 2020

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