A Poem: Not Here

If there is loneliness it should not be here.
Not in the world with its myriad colours, sights, scents, sounds.

Yes, the day I let loneliness have the last say
will be the day I did not open my eyes to Love’s attentions.

She is always the first and last guest to the party.
The one who brings food, cleans and sits up with us laughing.

She is the reason we can’t take anything too seriously,
and why we keep placing our faith somewhere.

And she always wakes us up in the morning, smiling,
opening the blinds.

That we must then follow her everywhere.
And if we’re lonely, it’s perhaps that she’s dashed ahead,

waiting at the next corner,
saying, ‘come along.’

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
October 2020

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