A Poem: A Sky Blue

The human heart is a deep deep well. Or a sky blue until we’ve fallen in, and then its indigo until its black, and everything then is done by feel. The human heart is a wide wide expanse. Of desert, and wildernesses and wild flowers springing where we’ve not tread. And of vistas, such that … More A Poem: A Sky Blue

A Poem: A Field

I bring with me a field. I don’t like expectations, uncertainties. The new year is a precipice. Tasks ahead I cannot face, promises I’ve made. I am a field mouse, scurrying through the long grass to its home. With haste I might avoid detection. But in all the fretful rushing, what fear is it that … More A Poem: A Field

A Poem: Simple

Simple is a thought like breathing. The thought of simple clears out clutter, makes a path wind through the mind, as breathing releases air from lungs. To simplify is to undo, uncoil, withdraw. Put down so we might pick up. Pick out each moment, singular, not made for repeat, and free of collected debris. That … More A Poem: Simple